Tyga - Hard in the pain

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Tyga - Hard in the pain

Продолжительность mp3: 02:48
Дата добавления: 2018-07-15
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I aint never been cheap
I spend it all
never made Varsity but I f-cking ball
14 f-ck school Im a rapper dawg
snap back boy take that f-cking fitted off
fall to they knees plead for their right to breath
Lord please devour all my enemies
that was Pac talking B-tch now back up off me
Im that yellow gold boss and you looking bossy
walk the water if I could b-tch I think Im Moses
tell em shut the f-ck up with that comotion
Im counting money get enough, get a promotion
I sizzling up, hotter than a bowl of momma porridge
whole body covered in green like Dinosaurus
gimme neck, baby bend all your spinal chords
uh uh, (?) ass goofy
tryna blend in like a muthaf-cking smoker
take a seat you f-cking up the movie
Im on the couch standing while you staring at the movement
Young Money b-tch I do this
hand in my mind both sides one lie two crimes
otherside dont fire
fully dazed like a dream I aint moving b-tch
we grooving (?)
fully trippin I could prove it
switch blade where my boot is
all that sweet talk leave a n-gga toothless
now you goofy
Im an asshole and my car dufus
Mikey rock chucks like the cool kids
b-tch its so dangerous
haters envy me cause they angry
so you want that beef
than the b-tch Im arranging it
more famous than these no name n-ggas
that you hanging with
all my homies on like the cable is
say seiko watch TV Tyga psycho
dont play tyco, 50 tyson Ill bite you
no license still driving
used to lease it now I buy it
hard cash blood diamonds
n-ggas violent babys crying
Mr Niceguy
come sell the product
Ima a niceguy
but I never went to college
cant live long in imagination
dont compare me to no basic b-tch
Im better stop debating muthf-cka
(well done)

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