Nicki Minaj - Dead Wrong

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Nicki Minaj - Dead Wrong

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Дата добавления: 2018-09-13
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Текст песни:

You be yellin boom boom when ya really poom poom
See my flow hotter than noon in june june
If Biggie was alive hed sign me
Im the New Edition like Bobby and Ronnie
Just give me the beat and a bottle of Dasani
And I dont need Clyde Im a boss fuck a Bonnie, ya dig
Religious like the preacher I came to warn ya
Listen bitches Im the teacher go sit in the corner
How many times I gotta spit til they know that Im the bitch
Im flyer than a maggot Im on some shit
First they love you then they switch, yeah they switch like faggots
This is why I keep the llama in gabani fabrics
Im the shit should be Im pampers like marki bizzes
Give anybody the business like hers and hises
My flow tighter than them virgen bitches
You know them asalamalakem them persian bitches
And if you miss me Im swirvin sixes
Goddam aint even pregnant but Im birthin bitches
I got flavor like that girl deelishis
Stop actin like you a killer with all them girly disses bitches
I aint Johnny but my, my, my
She want it with me tell her blood clot tryyy
You aint thoro Im the truth you a lie
My whole borough yellin out boom bye bye
Cause when I seen her she was shakin in her boots
When nick came through she was throwin up the duece
Slapped her then I asked her whats my name
She said nic the president of the nyc ya dead wrong

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