Human Breed - Dead Man Soul

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Human Breed - Dead Man Soul

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Дата добавления: 2018-09-24
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This story is about one man
Who was late something to change...

What is good?
What is evil?
What is there a truth from everything?
In what to trust?
where soul music sounds?
What to believe?
The answer that will you be give?

You know how it happens,
You are good for all,
All have their false
smiles on faces
And sparks with pleasure in the souls

He believed that in difficult times
They'll be answer it the same
Give a hand to help you up
Fill the mind with hope again

You wanna help me to
Find blissful rest?
So tell me all this truth
Get out of the maze
Open my dim eyes
And Let me see you now
I was right
Or did i live in past

Wandering in the dark
In arms of silent Night
I am looking for myself
Among of dirty lie
Please God Im beggin you
There are few living times
I Implore
Please give me, give me signs

His destiny was changed by a grief
The moment of pain and sufferings came
He begged about some little help...
but all the people forgot his name
He screamed in torments
And reply no sign
And people around
were def to his cry
And suddenly in this spotless soul
The sinister dark spirit WOKE UP
Angry core and evil burned
Inside the creature that he turned.

He suffered in pain
And desired revenge...
He thought it's easier
Splash out rage

Around me fog and haze
I got confused in lying maze
I don't know who I am
And what i want
I'm going mad

Already years passed
Time has come to leave
But my soul's feeling pain
Maybe i needed to forgive?

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