Dubstepler - Don't buy

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Dubstepler - Don't buy

Продолжительность mp3: 03:35
Дата добавления: 2016-10-16
Загрузок: 172
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Текст песни:

Exait rebelion from frienda to frienda
Mana keep stronga to me a good masta
Getta better style respect from my frienda
Our apparait di la keep mi area

Cool ragga singa bring me divive
Rastaman gettin on a high confession
Burn ganja fire Jah rise me amotion
In your your life for mi do do nature

Every everyone big up your attention
Microfon check count tree connection
Represent your new style a mixion
Move'in upon the riddim inside selection

Specialy liberty combination
Dubstepler in a raggasapiens
Deep of Jamaica cruise di oceane
Allmightly true on rule di nation

Rastamana Burning Bybylon now
Di Olly Jungle in fire
Dis selecta give everyone big fun
Vibration of original radda raggamuffin style

Jump of di riddim mana jump of di base
Jungle massiv vibration led yo body go crazy
Turn yo body left turn yo body right
A da la massiv in a di place is only right side

Клип DUBSTEPLER - Don't buy

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