A Life Divided - Feel

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A Life Divided - Feel

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Дата добавления: 2018-04-10
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FEEL (from The Great Escape)

I lie awake got lost in time
I dream away so I can fly
There are stones on my legs
I cant move aside, I got a rock on my chest
So heavy in mind
It feels like I was dead but Im alive

And I feel the world is closing
but Im not taking off
And I feel that time is running out
but Im still in touch with you

I wanna feel the sea
I wanna feel the life inside of me
I wanna feel the breeze
Drown in your beautiful waves
Oh let me drown in your sea

I watch the dust covering me
Locked in a shell, I cant break free
Like a bird in a trap willing to fly,
I cant get up and away
From the storm in my mind
This must be the last day of my life

I cant live, I cant die I keep hanging on a line
I cant move, I cant fight pretend everythings alright
Ill keep floating around through my head for all my life

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