A Hero Will Stand - All Doors Are Open

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A Hero Will Stand - All Doors Are Open

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Дата добавления: 2018-10-12
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All doors are open

Good day today, good day to die.
Youre week, youre lonely, your apathy only.
The snow falls through the static air.
There is cold breathing, in and out.

You have played this over in your head so many times.

If you only tried to, tried to do something.
Striving is the last ray of light of your sun.
Without this youll never see the stars.
Its all up to you to fall or to rise.

Ill count to a thousand, youll run just to watch how were coming undone.

This is the moment of truth.
Your eyes avoid the light and this can only mean one thing.
Our life will never be changed, your breath will fade away.
We all need somewhere to start, here lies humanity.
Anchor yourself to something special.
And all the doors will open to you.

Клип A Hero Will Stand - "All Doors Are Open" AHWS Music

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